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Ocean Freight Forwarding: The Basics

July 27th, 2012 - Posted by admin to blog

If your business involves customers and/or products around the world, it certainly can be complicated shipping goods and products overseas. You’ll need to deal with a lot of documents and red-tape when delivering products to foreign countries. However, if you don’t want to take on this burden yourself, it is highly recommended that you use an experienced freight forwarding company.

The United States Code (46 USC §40102 (17)(A)) defines an “ocean freight forwarder”
as a person (or company) that dispatches shipments from the United States via a common carrier and books or otherwise arranges space for those shipments on behalf of shippers.  In addition, an ocean freight forwarder processes the documentation or performs related activities incident to those shipments. (Source: FederalMaritimeCommission.)

Familiarizing yourself with the basics of ocean freight forwarding is crucial for you to understand your international shipping needs and convey them clearly.

Planning is a key. By spending the time researching and familiarizing yourself with required forms, regulations and shipping methods prior to shipping your freight overseas insures you will enjoy the success of smooth, hassle-free, international commerce.

Economical.  Goods exported to other countries are most often transported by ocean carriers.  It is more economical to ship large items, bulk commodities and goods that do not require fast delivery, by sea, than by air or trucks.

Think end-to-end solution.  The objective is to get your product to your customer’s doorstep.  Choosing the right shipping method, or combination of methods, is vital to your business’ success— you want the product to get there on time and at the right cost.

A freight forwarder, such as Landstar, will help you improve your delivery times and customer service. They are experts at arranging shipments to certain countries and can assist you in clarifying and conveying your shipping needs and conditions, even after the freight arrives at its destination port. Often times, freight forwarders will negotiate rates for you with shipping lines, airlines, trucking companies, customs brokers and insurance firms.  Landstar knows how to move cargo or products in the safest manner possible from one corner of the world to the next. They can easily handle all of your logistical requirements, freeing you up to cultivate your business.

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