What is Expedited Service

  • Non-stop in transit service
  • Exclusive use of vehicle
  • No intermediate handling of freight
  • Time critical and high value shipments
  • Premium mode – time definite
  • Pick up within 90 minutes of offer
  • Real-time vehicle track and trace
  • Guaranteed delivery time

Make Landstar your plan for unplanned transportation logistic events.

One call gives you comprehensive dispatch and management of your shipment.

Expedited & Emergency

  • Ground or air expedite
  • Emergency and disaster relief transport
  • White Glove delivery service
  • Guaranteed delivery
  • Temperature validated transportation
  • Real time in-transit updates
  • Service available 24 hours a day,7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Cargo vans, straight trucks and tractor-trailers
  • Safe, reliable services

Air Freight

  • Expedited air cargo – domestic and global
  • Commercial cargo aircraft and carriers
  • Air charters worldwide at major airports
  • TSA approved capacity
  • Door-to-door pickup

All owner-operators leased to Landstar – van, flatbed and expedited – are hazmat certified.

We offer team service in an array of tractor/trailer options and in small truck options.

Premium Services


  • Cargo Van
  • International Air
  • Straight Truck
  • Worldwide Air Charter
  • Tractor-Trailer
  • Project Specific
  • North American Air


  • Door-to-Door
  • Second Day
  • Door-to-Airport
  • Deferred (3-5 Day)
  • Same Day
  • First-Flight-Out
  • Next Day

Expedited Truck Capacity

You’ll have access to a wide range of vehicles – cargo vans, straight trucks and tractor trailers, including air-ride equipment and exclusive use of expedited trucks to eliminate potential delivery exceptions.

  • B Unit
    B Unit

    Cargo Van

    Sprinter & Super B

  • C Unit
    C Unit

    Cube Van

    Small Straight Truck

  • D Unit
    D Unit

    Straight Truck

    20’ - 22’ - 24’

  • E Unit
    E Unit

    Tractor Trailers

    40’ - 45’ - 48’ - 53’

Mobile Communications/Information System

  • 1On-board all Landstar express units
  • 2Maximizes capacity available to expedite shipments
  • 3Global Positioning System provides dynamic location tracking
  • 4Real-time driver communications
  • 5Shipment status messaging
  • 6Automatic shipment record updates
  • 7Proactive “Rolling ETA” exception management
  • 8Enhanced safety & emergency response capability

Domestic Air

We can help expedite your shipments using a wide range of TSA-approved capacity including commercial cargo aircraft and carriers, as well as air charters at major airports.

  • Premium air freight services with routes through all key domestic markets
  • Passenger Airlines
  • Cargo Only Airlines
  • Charter (Exclusive Use)
  • Regulatory (TSA) compliant